7 Day Special Camp

The Institute of Commerce, Nirma University organised a seven days special National Service Scheme (NSS) Camp at Kavitha village near Bavla, a place about 40 km away from Nirma University. The journey of learning and gaining experience behind the purity of service and inner satisfaction started from 8th March 2019 and concluded on 14th March 2019. 41 sophomores from ICNU were accompanied by Dr Nitin Kishore Saxena- Programme Officer (NSS)-ICNU and C.S. Karishma Bhutani.

The given below are some highlights of numerous activities piloted by our NSS volunteers

  1. The camp started with participation of the volunteers in blood donation camp at the University.
  2. Transformation of an unproductive land of ‘Shri Vinoba Ashram, Kavitha’ into a small beautiful garden.
  3. Promotion of a number of government schemes like ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padao’, ‘Clean India Mission’and ‘Vote India’ through various reuniting rallies organised by our volunteers.
  4. Two industrial visits were correspondingly scheduled to provide our volunteers a brief overview of the economic activities undertaken at the village:
    • Visit to B. Bricks’ site of operations;
    • Visit to Mathurdas Food Pvt. Ltd– a dates processing unit.
  5. Moreover, the volunteers offered their contribution by teaching students of Seva Vistaran Prathmikshalaand working for their overall development through covering the major dimensions like:
    • Sports
    • Computer education and academics
    • Art and craft.
  6. The female volunteers took the charge of spreading awareness regarding the menstrual hygiene and efficiently persuaded majority of women for replacing cotton clothes with sanitary napkins.

On the last day of our camp a ‘Cultural Evening’, ‘Craft Exhibition’ and ‘Prize Distribution ceremony’ was organised by our volunteers to applaud the inner hidden creativity of innocent children of the adopted school. Shri Kamal Kumar Kar, Regional Director, NSS Gujarat visited the Kavitha village and motivate the volunteers. Prof Dilip Joshi, NSS Coordinator, Bhavnagar was also present during this event and motivated the volunteers for the selfless service to the society and the nation.

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