In today’s competitive world, experience is becoming a crucial factor when deciding who gets their foot in the company. The Institute of Commerce, Nirma University has also incorporated internship programme in its curriculum to meet the demand of the industry.  Through the internship program, students work at the industry / business allotted to them and gain the real work life and industry experience. Students are required to work a minimum of 4 and maximum 6 weeks as per the requirement of the companies.

Structure of Internship Programme

Institute takes continuous feedback from students and company to make internship more effective.


Name Designation Email Office No
Prof Udai Paliwal Dean, ICNU 07971652627
Dr Sumita Shroff Faculty Coordinator 07971652624
Mr Birju Ambani Manager – Corporate Relations 07971652612

Students Internship Committee 2021-22

  • Aashray Ahuja
  • Akshi Natani
  • Aman Patel
  • Lavisha Goyal
  • Mehul Jain
  • Ramit Bhanawat


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