Session on Interview Skills and Techniques

Institute of Commerce, Nirma University believes in the integration of academic learning with the larger issues of personal development and individual growth. In the same vein, ICNU organised a session on “Interview Skills and Techniques” to guide the students about the skills that are needed in today’s world of increasing competition for employment. The session was conducted by Mr Rohan Garg, an alumnus of Nirma University. Mr Garg spoke on importance of interview skills and the techniques which are required for success in an interview.


Bursting with anticipation, the students were given a treat when the lecturer turned out to be no different than themselves. Beginning his session by sharing short anecdotes about his time in the University, Mr Garg instantly connected with the students by virtue of reliability. Emphasizing the importance of being thoroughly prepared for job interviews, Mr Garg broke the stigma of fear and hesitation in the students’ minds by assuring them of success with the imperative of being academically and socially aware.


Urging the students to develop their soft skills including presentability, physical and verbal communication; Mr Garg shared stories of real interviews and demonstrated various scenarios that interviewees generally find themselves in. Furthering the solution-oriented session, the experienced interviewee and interviewer recommended the students to gain practical knowledge and instill ethical values.


Concluding the session with emphasis on maintaining one’s individuality, Mr Garg departed on a note of shedding façades and celebrating uniqueness with the words – “Show who you are….”; as the hall erupted in a shower of applause, followed by a formal vote of thanks.

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