Life Experiences

“Be thankful for everything that happens in your life; it’s all an experience.”

– Roy T. Bennett

Quoting these lines only makes it easier for me to explain how my life journey had been like a rollercoaster till now. These experiences have transformed me into more of a pragmatic person rather than one making decisions impulsively.

All of this started when I was appearing for my 12th board exams. It has indeed been a critical point in every student’s life to decide the course of life. I was facing a similar situation when I researched about various colleges across country for best education. Nirma may not be the first institute I was wishing for but had been in my list from beginning because of its reputation, position among the top universities of country, its academic values and experiences of its alumni.

Initially, Institute of Commerce wasn’t much into my mind but after sorting many colleges according to my requirements, the ICNU was the best option left. I was glad that I got admission in the ICNU after When I entered into the college, I felt as if I have been admitted again into a school. The college was more inclined toward academics and attendance, of course. But gradually it all seems as if this was the place I was destined to be.

As a B.Com (Hons.) student, I was really not expecting much with academics but what the ICNU has given me is invaluable. Just within a year of my college life at Nirma, I have been a part of so much and so many things that I couldn’t fathom them till now. The pool of opportunities after entering Nirma, be it in the field of academics or extracurricular activities, is incomparable. Despite being the smallest institute in capacity, it has never dropped a chance to leave other institutes in awe after excelling in almost every field of participation.

The best part of this institute is that it never made me feel less than my extended family. Supportive faculties, encouraging seniours, crazy bunch of friends, energetic aura and a well developed campus. In short, it can give any student a homely feeling. The quality of education imparted to students is well designed and is entirely student based which can help students nurture their skills and intellect. Apart from studies, the ICNU has spread its wings in many areas like sports, cultural, literature and theatre. It just demands your active participation which always gets acknowledged.

I have learnt so much within a year that it only motivates me to involve more and sharpen my skills for higher levels of competition in outer world. How important it is to stay high spirited and work like there’s no tomorrow is the best teaching of Nirma that I’ve ever received in my life. Nirma University has its own world of emotions which only binds you to a great network of people and to yourself as well. The amount of lessons that I have received from the people of Nirma is unmatched to any other place. After each passing day, I can only envision myself becoming the best version of who I’m today.

It gives me immense satisfaction that I chose Nirma University over other institutions for my higher studies. My experience at Nirma University had been a great journey until now which only makes me eagerly wait for the coming surprises of my college life.

By Amisha Gupta


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