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Elysian Opening Ceremony and Elychef Competition

The opening day of Elysian 6.0, organized by ICNU, commenced with a lively ribbon-cutting ceremony led by our esteemed Director and Dean, Prof. Dr. Udai Paliwal, accompanied by CS Karishma Butani, the event faculty coordinator, and all faculty members of the Institute of Commerce. The day began with an ethnic celebration, as students adorned themselves in traditional attire, embracing the theme of ‘Vibrant Soiree’. The atmosphere was filled with the enchanting melodies of the Gumnam Rahi Band, followed by exhilarating dance performances by the Dance Club of the Institute. Culinary delights awaited as participants showcased their skills in the Elychef: The Master Chef Event. The winners of the Elychef Competition and Mr. & M/s. Ethnic 2024 were announced amidst much anticipation. The day concluded with joyous music and dancing, marking the successful start of Elysian 6.0. With two more days ahead, the stage is set for an exciting competition among students from different universities, promising even more fun and enjoyment.