A visit to nextile: tile factory and varmora showroom

It was a perfect start for the commerce students to visit an industry and learn about it. It was the very first industrial visit arranged by ICNU for first year students. The visit started at 7 in the morning taking 46 students to Morbi. The introduction speech which was given by Prof. Karishma Butani, was very helpful during the industrial visit.

The students reached factory around 1 p.m. and were greeted by a warm welcome by the manager and staffs of the factory. There was a showcase of different types of tile with different patterns and designs like matte finish, hi-gloss, metallic, rocker, etc. There were large number of machines, some from the China and some from Italy performing different functions.

The factory adapted more of capital-intensive technique then labour-intensive. But the packaging process was more through labour. On an average the production of factory was around 4500 m sq. tile per day.

The industrial visit was an educational and interactive experience for the students.

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