Girls Take Gift City

On October 21, 2019, female students of the Institute of Commerce participated in the event ‘Girls Take Gift City’. The event was organised by GIFT City in collaboration with Bloomberg and UBS, which included sessions on financial data and news, panel discussions, and mentoring around career options and interview tips. The ICNU team was led by CS Karishma Butani. The event was attended by about 100 female students from different colleges.
The participants had the opportunity to tour GIFT City, India’s first international financial service centre, smart city, and special economic zone developed as a greenfield development. This initiative was aimed to showcase female role models and provide unique opportunity to young women in the financial services industry. As the financial services industry is becoming increasingly diverse and inclusive, we at the Institute of Commerce believe that participation in such events will ultimately motivate our female students to opt for career in banking, finance and insurance sectors.

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